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Orgone Pyramids: DLS-OP-4218

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Orgone pyramids are created to clear negativity, calming anxiety, reducing stress, fast healing, grounding the heart and mind, releasing trauma, treatment of Insomnia and nightmares, calming the aura, creating loving environment and other innumerable benefits to the house and surrounding atmosphere. These orgone pyramids are created with several layers of different types of materials including metals, semiprecious stones, gold foils, copper dust, crystals etc embedded in resin with varied quantities and ratios.
Orgone pyramids are available in different widths and heights and can also be made according to customer requirements. If you want your own customized pyramid then please contact +91-6280684099 or write [email protected].

15% discount available on all prices. Please use coupon code DLSWC15.
(All prices are inclusive of 18% GST & home delivery charges)

Preferred Timings For Call : 10 AM to 07 PM
5" (L) X 5"(W) X 5"(H)
6" (L) X 6" (W) X 6" (H)
7" (L) X 7"(W) X 7"(H)
7" (L) X 7" (W) X 9" (H)


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